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news & notes for 2008
December 2, 2008

It’s here! The week many of us have been eagerly awaiting! Johnsmith will be in town for 2 concerts at Avo’s - on Saturday, Dec. 6th and again on Sunday, Dec. 7th. I’ll join him both nights on harmony vocals, and Mark Sloniker, on keyboards, will join us on Sunday night. Tickets for each night are $17 (a bargain, particularly for Sunday night!). Saturday’s show starts at 7:30 pm, while Sunday’s show starts a bit earlier at 7 pm (we understand it’s a school/work night). Tickets are available at Avo’s, the Finest, and now Catalyst Coffee, as well. Both shows sold out last year, so grab your tickets as soon as you can or you might miss out. See ya there!

On a side note, John will also be joining Mark and I as the featured guest artist for Sunday morning services at Unity of Fort Collins, 1401 W. Vine Dr., Fort Collins, 9 and 10:30 am.

In other news, I am disappointed to tell you that Wildrock Café has closed indefinitely, so I will not be doing my scheduled Dec. 20th gig there. I was sorry to hear the news, as it was a really cool place with great food, and I hope that they’ll be able to reopen at some point, as is their intention.

The rest of December is dotted with private holiday parties, but here are my other public performances:

Wednesday, Dec. 24th, 6 and 8 pmChristmas Eve Services at Unity of Fort Collins. Mark Sloniker and I will be joined by Cory Carroll on bass, Oscar deZoto on drums, and several other special guests, for an evening of magical music and sweet celebration of the season. Childcare is provided at the early service.

I will now sing with Mark Sloniker at Jay’s on Dec. 20th instead of the 27th, as originally scheduled. The band plays from 8:30-11:30 pm, bass player TBA.

Friday, Dec. 26th, 8-10 pm – I’ll do a solo performance (vocals/guitar) at Catalyst Espresso Bar and Tasting Lounge, (Catalyst Coffee, for short) 3501 S. Shields St. (just north of Horsetooth Rd.), in Fort Collins. Catalyst has a very casual, “neighborhood” atmosphere and is on the south side of town, which many of my fans have appreciated. Bring the visiting relatives and sample some unique wines and beers or a hot, frothy latte! The owners have recently started suggesting a $5 -10 cover at the door, with all proceeds going to the performing artists. Thank you (in advance) for your generosity!

Wednesday, Dec. 31st – Mark Sloniker and I will celebrate New Year’s Eve at our annual Jay’s Bistro gig. More details to come, but it’ll be a great band and we’ll start around 8:30 or 9 pm. Make those reservations early by calling Jay’s at 970-482-1876.

Happy Holidays to all, however and whatever you choose to celebrate! Light, love, and peace, Colleen

November 13, 2008

Blowing into your e-mailbox (nice wind, eh?) to let you know about this week’s (and beyond) musical “haps”:

This Saturday, November 15th, 8:30-11:30 pm – I’m at Jay’s Bistro, 135 W. Oak St., Fort Collins, with Mark Sloniker on piano and Marty Kenny on acoustic bass, singing a variety of jazzy tunes for your listening pleasure. Mark and I have been adding some new songs into the mix, so come on down and see “What’s New” (how is the world treating you?....No, that’s not one of the songs, but it’s a good one. Might have to add that one Colleen Crosson.

Sunday, November 16th, 7 pm, Mark Sloniker and I will play our annual Harvest/Gratitude Concert at Unity of Fort Collins, 1401 W. Vine Dr. We’ll feature several guest artists in the mix, including Cory Carroll on bass, Myles Sloniker on….any number of instruments…., Gerald Gates and Oscar deZoto (aka Rob Wojtowick) on drums, and Terry Meyer on vocals. We will share a dessert potluck immediately following the concert (chocolate is a perennial favorite!). Kids are welcome, as we plan on making it an early evening (9ish?), since it’s a school/work night. Admission is a love offering, with all proceeds going to Unity.

Saturday, November 22nd, 8-10 pm, I’m back at Wildrock Café, 2631 S. College (across from the Moot House), for a solo (vocals/guitar) performance. I’m really enjoying my once a month stint at this new venue, with its soothing ambience and wonderful food. Check it out!

The following week, I am looking forward, with gratitude, to lots of relaxing, hangtime with my family as we celebrate Thanksgiving. See you in December! Can you believe it??

Thanks for your support of local, live music during this past year. You make it all worthwhile! Colleen

October 24, 2008

Well, what a difference a day makes…

Yesterday, many of us heard the news that Barack Obama will be coming to CSU Campus in Fort Collins this Sunday afternoon! This is indeed an exciting time, though the timing does not bode so well for the fundraiser event Mark Sloniker and I had committed to for Roger Hoffmann and his campaign for Larimer County Commissioner.

The concert was slated for 3 pm, and the general conclusion of all involved was that our attendance numbers would be greatly influenced by this momentous presidential event. The concert has therefore been moved to later in the evening, starting at 6:30 pm. Unfortunately, Mark and I will now not be able to be a part of the performance, due to a prior commitment. Guitarist Dave Beegle is still scheduled to play, as well as another terrific band (TBA soon!).

We certainly hope that after Obama’s appearance, many of you (with your buzzing energy!) will continue down South College to Crazy Jack’s Saloon, 6520 S. College Ave., to support Roger Hoffmann. As we all know, our work starts right here at home, and Roger is a clear choice to serve our county well, with intelligence, commitment, and understanding. More information is available at

Thank you for your consideration and have fun Sunday, whatever you do! Colleen

October 22, 2008

This weekend’s musical opportunities…

Saturday, Oct. 25th, 8-10 pm – I’m back at the Wildrock Café, 2631 S. College Ave., Ft. Collins (across from the Moot House), for a solo performance (guitar/vocals) up in the mezzanine. We had a great group of folks joining us last month in this intimate setting. We continue to tweak the sound placement so more folks throughout the restaurant can enjoy the music! Please note, I’ll be there every fourth Saturday of the month, so you can plan ahead!

Sunday, Oct. 26th, 3-6 pmMark Sloniker and I will join guitarist extraordinaire Dave Beegle in a concert to benefit Roger Hoffmann’s campaign for Larimer County Commissioner. Mark and I will do a set, Dave will do a set, and then we’ll join together for a spontaneous jam! Roger is a great friend of ours and a top-notch choice to serve our county! Come support him at our concert at Crazy Jack’s Saloon, 6520 S. College Ave., Fort Collins. Tickets are $20 in advance (available at Crazy Jack’s, 4-7 pm daily, or at ), and $25 at the door. Seating is limited, so get your tickets early! A cash bar will be available and light appetizers will be served.

And something to put on your calendar:

Johnsmith will be back in town on Sat. and Sun., December 6th and 7th for 2 shows at Avo’s and I will again be singing harmony with him on both nights! Mark Sloniker will again join us on Sunday night, too. We had a blast last year and fully intend to do so this year, as well! Help us repeat sell out shows on both nights! Go to for more info.

Have a great weekend! Colleen

October 10, 2008

Hi All – Well, fall is definitely in the air after that beautiful, long streak of delightfully warm weather. The trees are gorgeous and I’m relishing the transitions of this season. Hope you are enjoying them, too, and letting that bliss carry you through these uncertain times. I keep thinking of the David Wilcox song that says, “Prosperity will have its seasons…….” Yet, he reminds us that “all the roots grow deeper when it’s dry.” May we all grow deep roots that will nourish us in the days (and years!) ahead!

Here’s where I’ll be nourishing my soul with music in the weeks to come:

Saturday, Oct. 11th, 7-9 pm – I’m back at Catalyst Espresso Bar and Tasting Lounge, 3501 S. Shields St. (just north of Horsetooth Rd.), Ft. Collins. This was a fun gig last time I played, in a very casual, “neighborhood” atmosphere on the south side of town. Come join in the fun and sample some unique wines and beers or a hot, frothy latte!

Saturday, Oct. 18th, 8:30-11:30 pm – I’ll be singing jazz, etc. at Jay’s Bistro, 135 W. Oak. St, Ft. Collins, with Mark Sloniker on piano and Marty Kenny on acoustic bass. This is always a favorite monthly happening!

Sunday, Oct. 19th, 10 am – I will be the guest musician at Living Life Church, a new, progressive spiritual community, based on the 12 Steps and focused on recovery, in Louisville, CO. Services are at the Louisville Recreation Center, 900 Via Appia. Visit their website to learn more about this loving community at

Saturday, Oct. 25th, 8-10 pm – I’m back at the Wildrock Café, 2631 S. College Ave., Ft. Collins (across from the Moot House), for a solo performance up in the mezzanine. We had a great group of folks joining us last month in this intimate setting. I’ll be there every fourth Saturday of the month, so you can plan ahead!

Sunday, Oct. 26th, 3-6 pmMark Sloniker and I will join guitarist extraordinaire Dave Beegle in a concert to benefit Roger Hoffmann’s campaign for Larimer County Commissioner. Roger is a great friend of ours and a top-notch choice to serve our county! Come support him at our concert at Crazy Jack’s Saloon, 6520 S. College Ave., Fort Collins. Tickets are $20 in advance (available at Crazy Jack’s, 4-7 pm daily, or at ), and $25 at the door. Seating is limited, so get your tickets early! A cash bar will be available and light appetizers will be served.

That’s all for now, folks! As always, thank you for supporting live, local music! Colleen

September 26, 2008

Hi all – just a quick reminder that I’ll be at Wildrock Café, 2631 S. College Ave., Ft. Collins (across from the Moot House), tomorrow, Saturday, Sept. 27th, from 8-10 pm, for a solo performance up in their cozy mezzanine. For the folks that really want to hear the music and join me up there, it’ll be like a private concert! The downstairs patrons will also be able to hear, as I’ll have a small sound system this time. The food is quite good and you can print coupons and learn about special offers (like 2 for one meals!) on their website . Hope to see you there!

I also wanted to mention that I realized there was a typo in my last newsletter, about the Happy Heart Fundraiser at Avo’s. It is SATURDAY, Oct. 4th (not Sunday, as I wrote). You can get all the details (as well as purchase tickets) on their website . It’ll be a fun afternoon (2-5 pm) of fine musical entertainment, fresh, locally grown food, and a chance to win many tempting items and services at the silent auction.

Have a great weekend, whatever you’re up to! Colleen

September 12, 2008

Aaaahhh – glorious rain!! Now, I know the folks on the Gulf Coast aren’t seeing it quite the same way, and I am indeed keeping them in my thoughts and prayers that they remain out of harms way. However, in these “high desert plains” it is nearly always a welcome sight! I am confident that it will (as forecasted) wane by tomorrow, and turn sunny and dry, when Unity’s Fall Retreat up at the Buckhorn Camp (up Rist Canyon way) is in full swing. I will be there most of this weekend, relaxing in the cool mountain air and participating in many a songfest around a (soggy?) campfire and/or in the camp’s main lodge. It’s not too late to sign up! Go to for more info.

The coming weeks will also be full of musical fun. Here’s where I’ll be and I hope you may be, too!

Thursday, Sept. 18th, 7-10 pm – I’ll perform solo (guitar/vocals) at Jay’s Bistro, 135 W. Oak St., Ft. Collins, subbing for Mark Sloniker (who will be doing 2 concerts at “Dazzle” in Denver that same night). This will be something “a little bit different” at Jay’s, so come on down and show them we like ALL kinds of music in the “jazz lounge”, eh?? I might even have some special guests sitting in…

Friday, Sept 19th, 8 pm – my debut concert with “Three of a Kind” – a women’s vocal trio (harmonies galore!) featuring Julie Hoest, Cheri Nichols and me, at Avogadro’s Number (Avo’s), 605 S. Mason St., Ft. Collins. We are planning to be on the back patio, weather permitting, for one last summer celebration outdoors! It might get a bit nippy, though, as the night progresses, so dress accordingly. We will be inside if the weather doesn’t happen to cooperate. Admission is $12 at the door. See attached FUN POSTER!

Saturday, Sept. 20th, 8:30 -11:30 pm – I’ll join pianist Mark Sloniker (back from smashingly successful concerts at Dazzle!), and bass player TBA back at Jay’s Bistro for our “regularly scheduled programming” of jazz (and more – I just can’t help myself….).

Saturday, Sept. 27th, 8-10 pm – I’m back at the Wildrock Café, 2631 S. College Ave., Ft. Collins (across from the Moot House) for a solo performance up in the mezzanine. I WILL bring a small sound system this time, so more folks can enjoy the tunes. We are still working out the best placement for music in the restaurant, so we may tweak it a bit, but the owners are committed to having live music in their fine establishment, so come out and let them know you support their efforts. Our family ate there the other night and the food is amazing! You can print coupons and learn about special offers on their website

Saturday, Oct. 4th, 2-5 pm – I’ll participate in Happy Heart Farm’s fundraiser at Avogadro’s Number for their greenhouse project. If you don’t know about this CSA (Community Supporting Agriculture), go to their website and find out all they do for our community and how to become a member. The afternoon will include lots of farm fresh food, music, and a silent auction. Other performers will be Liz Barnez and local band “Handpicked” (including members from “Wildwood Holler!”). My set is at 2 pm.

Saturday, Oct. 11th, 7-9 pm – I’m back at Catalyst Espresso Bar and Tasting Lounge, 3501 S. Shields St., Ft. Collins. This was a fun gig last time I played, in a very casual, “neighborhood” atmosphere on the south side of town. Come join in the fun!

Whew! Hope you can put some of these on your calendars in the coming weeks. See you out and about and enjoy the cooler, fall weather! Best, Colleen

August 28, 2008

New Live Music Venue - Last minute gig!

This Saturday night, Aug. 30th, I’ll be performing at the Wildrock Café, 2631 S. College Ave., Fort Collins, from 8:30-10:30 pm. This is the old “Hooters” restaurant, and I’m so glad it’s been totally transformed! It’s really beautiful, inside and out – lots of natural stone and wood. I’ll be in the cozy upstairs balcony, where the acoustics are great. I’m not even bringing a sound system, so it will be a truly acoustic night. Check out their website at and come on out for a relaxing evening in a soothing setting.

Just a note that the start time for my Avo’s concert on Sept. 19th with Julie Hoest and Cheri Nichols has been changed from 7:30 to 8 pm. The Just Jazz Quintet (JJQ) is on before us from 5-7 pm, so this will give Avo’s more time to transition between bands. We’ll be on the outside stage if weather permits, so join us for a fine (almost) fall evening.

Other upcoming dates:

Sept. 6th – private wedding and reception, Red Feather Lakes

Sept. 7th – another “mostly music Sunday” at Unity of Fort Collins, 1401 W. Vine Dr. 482-1620. Mark and I have once again been invited to lead Sunday services (both the message and the special music), so we will be sharing more than the usual number of spiritually inspiring songs, as well as ecstatic poetry from a variety of mystics. We will be joined by Cory Carroll on bass and Gerald Gates on drums. Services are 9 and 10:30 am.

Sept. 12th-14th – I’ll be sharing music at various times throughout the weekend at Unity of Fort Collins’ Annual Retreat at Buckhorn Camp, Rist Canyon, Bellvue. This weekend is a great time for folks to rejuvenate their creative souls each year. Lots of time for relaxation, connecting with friends, hiking, horseback riding, meditating and more. This year’s theme is “Humor in Spirituality” so we will be experiencing lots of laughter and frivolity! See Unity’s website for more information.

Sept. 20th - Jazz @Jay’s, 8:30-11:30 pm

Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone! Colleen

August 22, 2008

Greetings! Seems like a while since I last wrote. I’ve been taking in the last of summer’s riches before the “fall schedule” and kids in school resumed. Last week our family spent several lovely days up Poudre Canyon at a friend’s cabin on the river – our last hoorah before the ‘all too early’ first day back to school this past Mon. Amidst several private events (weddings, birthday parties, retreats), I have these public appearances to tell you about:

Saturday, Aug. 23rd, 8:30-11:30 pm, I return to Jay’s Bistro (135 W. Oak St., Fort Collins), with Mark Sloniker on keys and Marty Kenny on acoustic bass. Come celebrate (or lament) “back to school days”! Music helps either way

Friday, Sept 19th I will join with 2 other fabulous vocalists, Julie Hoest and Cheri Nichols, for an outdoor concert at Avo’s. We have been compiling quite a sweet song list for our performance, with lots of goose-bump producing harmonies with which to delight you! We are so excited about our debut concert and intend for this to be the first of many. Our rehearsals are a hoot, let me tell you! Showtime is 7:30 pm and admission is $12 at the door. Join us on Avo’s splendid patio for one of the last official days of summer!

More gigs and some new venues in the works – I’ll keep ya posted!
Thanks for supporting live music, Colleen

July 25, 2008

Hi Everyone! I’ve just landed back in Denver after a week long trip on the Jersey Shore, which included a wonderful Crosson family reunion, as well as Mark and I performing at “Unity Church by the Shore” for their Sunday service. What a sweet week it was, with awesome weather and much frivolity, and it passed all too quickly!

As usual, I am hitting the ground running and will perform solo tonight Friday, July 25th, from 8-10 pm at Catalyst Espresso Bar and Tasting Lounge, 3501 S. Shields, Fort Collins, CO, 970.223.9035. I am really excited about this awesome new music venue which serves espresso, craft beers, and fine wine. Check out their website at and come on down if you can! I think this will become a favorite hangout!

Tomorrow, Saturday, July 26th – I will be performing at the “Strawberry Jam” Kids’ Concert at Northside Aztlan Community Center, 112 E. Willow St., Ft. Collins (outdoors), with Mark Sloniker, Gene Libbea, and Oscar De Zoto. The show runs from 6-8 pm and there is a $2.00 admission. Bring the kids down for a dancin’ good time! There will also be a magic show and strawberry shortcake will be served. Call 221-6655 for more info.

Other fun events coming right up:

Wednesday, July 30th – I will sing with Swing Essence at this week’s CSU Lagoon Concert, 6-8 pm. Bring a blanket, lawn chairs, and dinner if you wish, and enjoy our 7 piece band playing jazz and rock favorites!

*** Sunday, August 3rd **** – Mark Sloniker and I will be on the very cool, outdoor stage at Avo’s, 605 S. Mason St., Fort Collins for a summer concert that starts at 7 pm. We will be mixing it up with jazz, contemporary folk, and original Sloniker “heartsongs” that perhaps few of you on this list have heard before! The concert starts at 7 pm (it’s a “work night” for some folks and we respect that), and admission is $10 at the door. Come out and “play” with us – it’s all ages, kid friendly with a tree house and everything!


July 11, 2008

Here’s one last blast for my house concert this Saturday night, July 12th at 7:30 pm! For those who still haven’t decided (and for those who have!), I wanted to let you know that Scott and Michelle Dalziel will be playing live on the radio, KRFC 88.9 FM, on Sat. morning from about 9:15-10 am with host Deni LaRue. You can also stream the show on Hope you can tune in! Please let me know ahead of time if you’ll be coming to the show. Suggested donation is $15 at the door, with all proceeds going to the musicians. I will e-mail directions for those that need them. Also, we plan on sharing some light munchies and drinks outside on the break, so bring your favorite beverage and some snacks to share if you are so inclined. Thanks!

New show added in July – I will be playing at Catalyst Espresso Bar and Tasting Lounge, 3501 S. Shields, Fort Collins, CO, 970.223.9035 on Friday, July 25th, from 8-10 pm. I am really excited about this awesome new music venue which serves espresso, craft beers, and fine wine! Check out their website at and come hear me in their new spot on the 25th! I think this will become a favorite hangout!

Thank you for supporting live music

July 3, 2008

Howdy folks! Here’s what I’ve got coming right up on the music scene:

Saturday, July 5th – I’ll be jazzin’ it up with Mark Sloniker at Jay’s Bistro, 135 W. Oak St., Fort Collins. Feel free to stop on in and I hope you have a great Independence Day celebration on Friday!

Saturday, July 12th – SPECIAL EVENT!! I will be hosting a house concert with Scott and Michelle Dalziel, two wonderful musicians from Iowa. I haven’t put on a house concert for about a year and a half now, so I hope you can come! They call their style of music “schizophrenic folk”, and it really is quite an eclectic and mesmerizing experience. Here’s how Johnsmith describes them: “These guys have the total package – tight harmonies, solid songs, and a groove that won’t stop. All dished out with loads of fun, great energy and big, open hearts!” I’ll do an opening set, starting at 7:30 pm, and I’ll bet we’ll do some jamming together later on in the evening. Advance reservations are required, so please reply soon by e-mail or 970.493.4424 if you plan on attending. Directions to the house will be given at that time. There is a $15 suggested donation at the door. Check out the Dalziels at

In other news, I am thrilled to report that my CD “Singing Into Being” is being played on WXPN radio, Philadelphia, PA. Folk DJ Gene Shay says my version of “Rooty Toot Toot for the Moon” is “one of the best I have heard.” Warms my heart……

Have a safe and fun holiday!

June 23, 2008

Happy (official) Summer to everyone! I finally have more detailed info on Niwot’s “Lobster Bash 2008”, (June 28th, 3-9 pm), so I wanted to pass that on to you as quickly as possible. Apparently, a press release sent to me 2 weeks ago was lost in the internet ethers, so I apologize for the late notice! Advance reservations are required for this event, as they special order the lobsters based on the reservation numbers. Following is the press release and I have also attached the very cool poster for the event, which details the seafood feast offerings (my mouth is watering!) and music schedule. The number to call for reservations is 303.652.2587

Ni-wot Prairie Productions (Mike Anfinson, Andrew Jones, Liz Darling) is joining with the The Ladies Club of Niwot and The Maine Connection to sponsor a non-profit fund raising event on Saturday, June 28th (see attached flyer). The funds raised go towards our tree carving and Native American cultural events (see and to a scholarship fund established by the Ladies Club.

The entertainers for this event are top notch starting with Otis Taylor (incredible Blues artist), followed by Mark Sloniker & Colleen Crosson (a husband and wife duo that performs original songs and eclectic cover tunes in a jazz and contemporary acoustic vein), and wrapped by our head liner band Spring Creek (2007 winners of Best New Bluegrass band at both the Telluride and Lyons Bluegrass Festivals).

Hope to see you there.....

If you have any other questions about the event, please feel free to e-mail me.
Enjoy the warm weather and the brilliant flowers! Colleen

June 6, 2008

Hi all – so sorry to intrude again, but I forgot to include one very important date, and that is my July 12th House Concert with Michelle and Scott Dalziel!! This dynamic husband/wife duo hails from Maquoketa, IA and they are simply a delight to experience! I will open the show for them, and hopefully we’ll work up some material to do together also. Check out their website at to find out more about them and sample their music. The concert will be held in NE Fort Collins and you’ll need to reserve your space ahead of time, as space is limited. Suggested donation is $15 and the concert will start at 7:30 pm. Please e-mail to be put on the list, or call 970.493.4424. We will then give you more specific directions to the concert. Thanks again! Colleen

June 5, 2008

Aaahhh, glorious rain! I am always grateful when we are graced with wetness in this arid zone we live in. It also gives me a reprieve from the sometimes overwhelming duty of watering all my gardens – summer brings an endless rotation of hauling hoses around our huge yard and doing lots of hand watering (no sprinkler system here!). I never seem to give the plants all they want, and I can just FEEL them soaking up and sucking down this pleasurable moisture.

I’ve just returned from an unplanned trip to NJ, where my mom is having some pretty significant health challenges. Soon, we’ll be off to OH to celebrate Mark’s mom’s life in an intimate memorial service (she passed last November, but we thought a summer celebration would be nicer). So, I’m sending you my summer schedule as it stands now, while I have some “downtime”.

First up, Saturday, June 14th, I’ll be singing at Jay’s Bistro, 135 W. Oak St., Ft. Collins. Bassist Marty Kenney will join Mark Sloniker and me from 8:30-11:30 pm.

Sunday, June 15th – private party with Swing Essence

Tuesday, June 17thNoontime Notes outdoor concert with Mark Sloniker, Oak Street Plaza, Ft. Collins, 11:30 am-1 pm. Bring a sack lunch and enjoy the show!

Saturday, June 21st – private wedding ceremony

Friday, June 27th – private party

Saturday, June 28th – Niwot’s Lobster Fest! I am still waiting on specifics of this event (exact address, cost, etc.), but I know Mark Sloniker and I are scheduled to perform from 5-6:30 pm.

Saturday, July 26th“Strawberry Jam” Kid Concert at Northside Aztlan Center, Ft. Collins (outdoors), with Mark Sloniker, Gene Libbea, and Oscar De Zoto. 6-8 pm, $2.00 admission.

Wednesday, July 30thCSU Lagoon Concert with Swing Essence. 6-8 pm. Bring a blanket, lawn chairs, and dinner if you wish, and enjoy our 7 piece band playing jazz and rock favorites!

Sunday, August 3rdMark Sloniker and I will be on the very cool, outdoor stage at Avo’s, 605 S. Mason St., Fort Collins for a summer concert that starts at 7 pm. Admission is $10 at the door.

I’m sure there’ll be some additions in the months ahead (my usual monthly Jay’s appearances, and some other surprises), but I hope you put some of these events on your calendars now, and that I see you out and about this summer! You can always go to my website for more details and other updates. Thanks for perusing this newsletter! Colleen

May 12, 2008

*Note* - this email was supposed to go out last Wed., but was delayed due to internet connection failure….turns out our modem was fried, and we have just gotten it up and running again. It’s rather distressing to realize how dependent we are on the Internet, both for business and pleasure! That being said, I am REALLY glad to be connected again! Hope you all had a great Mother’s Day weekend – you either are a mother or you have one, so it’s a cause for celebration for us all! Here’s that “old” e-mail (at least some of the events haven’t happened yet!).

May Day! May Day! Well, that was a week ago, but I do seem to be in some sort of crisis with my computer and may need help! I think it might have something to do with the killer thunderstorm that passed overhead earlier tonight. I hope all in our area got to experience some of that – the lightning show was quite spectacular and I hear there was an awesome double rainbow (I missed that part!). The rain accentuated the fragrances of the flowering trees to the point of swooning and has washed everything clean (well, I’m hoping not my computer files, as this machine really is not acting right….)

Anyway, my May gigs (particularly my public performances) are especially light this month. I could lament about that, but I am instead seizing the opportunity to play in my gardens as much as I can in this wonderful month of May when everything is greening up and the tulips are brilliant and showy. “Plays in the Dirt” is my Native American name this time of year.

I WILL be singing this Saturday night, May 10th with Mark Sloniker on piano and Marty Kenney on acoustic bass at Jay’s Bistro, 135 W. Oak St., Fort Collins. Show time is 8:30-11:30 pm. It might even be nice enough to sit out on their patio!

On Sunday, May 18th, Mark Sloniker and I have the pleasure and honor of leading Sunday services (9 and 10:30 am) at Unity of Fort Collins, 1401 W. Vine Dr. We’ve done this a few times before, and it is always fun to create a theme for the day and express it entirely through music, poetry, and prose. We will be joined by Cory Carroll on bass and a (as yet unnamed) drummer. Maybe even some other special guests……Come join us for some spiritual frivolity!

I’ve also added one more outdoor summer concert:

June 17th, 11:30 am-1 pm - Noontime Notes Concert on the Oak Street Plaza, downtown Fort Collins, with Mark Sloniker, in our “jazz/folk” mode.

As always, you can check the schedule page on my website for a full list of events.

Remember to stop and smell the flowers! Colleen

April 17, 2008

Aahhh…springtime in Colorado – ya gotta love it. Mother Nature just can’t seem to settle on what kind of weather to grace us with. In the high 70’s one day; snow and 36 degrees the next. Keeps you on your toes (and in and out of your Tevas….). For myself, I’m looking forward to the next stretch of warmth, which I hear will be with us again within the next couple of days. Just thought I’d send a quick note about some events right around the corner, as well as some added attractions for the summer months!

Coming RIGHT up – TONIGHT! – I will again be donating my time (and voice) to the 14th Annual “The Taste” event (formerly “Taste of the Nation”). I’ve copied detailed information below. If you’ve never been to this event, it is simply stupendous – a feast for ALL senses and a great cause! The food, the drink, the music, and the silent auction items are all top-notch and it is always a memorable evening.


It’s not just the delectable food, sparkling music and talented artists that make The TASTE such a success. It’s the people. The people who care enough about their communities to make ending hunger and homelessness a goal. The TASTE raises funds for the Food Bank for Larimer County and Neighbor to Neighbor, two of the area’s largest non-profit organizations designed to provide resources for the hungry and homeless. This year, The TASTE celebrates its 14th year on Thursday, April 17, at the Fort Collins Hilton from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m., with a VIP reception at 4:30 p.m. From the planners, the chefs, musicians, artists and, especially, those who donate money to this endeavor, The TASTE is the place to make a difference in Larimer County. ALL proceeds of this year’s event will benefit The Food Bank for Larimer County and Neighbor to Neighbor.
The TASTE - The premier event to end homelessness and hunger in Larimer County
When: Thursday, April 17, 2008
Where: Fort Collins Hilton 425
West Prospect Road
Fort Collins, Colorado
Times: 4:30 - 8:30 p.m., VIP Admission
5:30 - 8:30 p.m., General Admission
Cost: $60.00, general admission pre-sale
$70.00, general admission at the door
$85.00, VIP admission
(New for 2008) Special prices for Hilton hotel rooms with purchase of event tickets
Ticket Sales and information:

Next up this weekend is my concert with singer/songwriter Barbara Clark on Saturday, April 19th, at Avogadro’s Number (Avo’s), 605 S. Mason St., Ft. Collins. This promises to be a magical night of heartfelt song sharing, with special guests Derf Green (drums and percussion) and Roger Barnhart (acoustic bass) adding to the music mix. If you couldn’t get tickets to Barbara’s sold out CD release show at Bas Bleu last winter (or if you DID, but were left wanting MORE!), please join us for this “encore performance” (of sorts). I’ll be singing some selections from my “Singing Into Being” CD, too, as well as some other cool tunes that maybe you’ve never heard before. Admission is $15 at the door and the show starts at 7:30 pm.

And lastly, here are a couple more things I’ve added to the summer schedule:

HOUSE CONCERT, July 12th, with Iowa performing songwriters, Michelle and Scott Dalziel. I met this husband and wife duo just briefly last summer, when they stopped into Jay’s (where I was singing) after their performance at Avo’s earlier that same night. The connection (both personal and musical) was instantaneous! We traded CDs that night and subsequently corresponded several times through e-mail. Their last name is SO fitting, as I have never met anyone with so much ZEAL for life and sharing music as these two! Wouldn’t you know that Michelle also sings with Johnsmith (as I do) whenever the two find themselves in the same area! I am SO excited to be hosting this house concert and doing an opening set for them – it’s been WAY too long since we did a show in our “new” (5 years old now!) music space, and I am delighted to introduce these fine musicians to you all! Check out their website at

July 26th, 6-8 pm – I will head up THE STRAWBERRY JAM CONCERT for Kids at the Northside Aztlan Community Center. Shake your sillies out at this outdoor kid’s concert! Bring your blankets, lawn chairs, and a picnic. The whole family can dance, jump, sing, laugh and play rockin’ air guitar solos! There’ll be strawberry shortcake and other strawberry treats for sale. Admission is $2.00 per person

As always, you can see my full schedule of events on my website

Hope to see you a BUNCH this spring and summer! All the best, Colleen

March 28, 2008

Post “Spring Break” Greetings! What a delightful time our family had in Steamboat last week – always great to get some down time, relax and rejuvenate – good for the soul (not to mention the jazz, rock, and folk… )! I hope everyone else who had a “spring break” enjoyed theirs, too! Here’s my latest update on the music:

I have joined the hip generation and now have a myspace music site! My son, Myles, helped me get it going. I’d been resisting it for awhile, thinking it was more a younger generation thing, but most musicians these days are utilizing it, and it’s actually quite a fascinating phenomenon. I’ve had fun creating my page. You can find me at . I’d love for you all to be on my “friends” list, so please visit when you get a chance!

Upcoming performances:

Friday, April 4th – I’ll be doing a “mini-set” (around 7:30 pm) with Julie Hoest and Cheri Nichols for a “Betsy Markey for Congress” fundraiser at the Sunset Events Center, 242 Linden St., Fort Collins. I’ve pasted some more detailed info below, as there’s a lot going on at this event!

Here's what the evening will look like:

Doors open at 7. There will be introductory music during seating by some wonderful local artists - Barb Solow & Tom Barbour ( and the acoustic trio of Colleen Crosson, Cheri Nichols & Julie Hoest.

The next set, from 8:00-9:00 will be John Magnie and Friends. Ever since the last Magnie and Friends at Everyday Joes several years ago, people have been commenting on how great it was to see John and Mark Sloniker ( ) play together, so..... Comin’ at ya.. Mark will play hooky from his Jay's gig, and come by for a couple numbers. This will be very shortly after 8:00, so don't be late if you want to catch the fun! Other musicians stepping up during the set will be Bluegrass Patriots' Glenn Zankey ( ) and his crystal voice, our distinctive Nashville expatriate, Jeff Finlin ( ), Tom Donlinger, the wonderfully inventive drummer formerly with Van Morrison (see Tom Donlinger at, and local bassist Marty Rein, to name a few.

And don’t forget your dancing shoes! The final set, 9:30 - till, will be the 3 Twins with Jay Clear and, how can we be so lucky, Nicole Zentveld.

You’re crazy if you miss it.

Tickets come in two sizes. General admission is $20, advanced reserved seating, $35, and there are still some good seats available. The easiest way to purchase tickets is by going to . Or you could also stop by the campaign office at ­­­419 Canyon, Suite 315. Also, general admission tickets are available at the Finest CDs and Tapes. A silent auction will also be included in this event, and if you’d like to donate goods or services, please contact Barb at 970-221-1149. Thank you!

Whew! Got all that?? It will surely be a memorable night, so I hope you can join all of us!

Saturday, April 12th, 8:30-11:30 pm – I’ll sing jazz and the like at Jay’s Bistro with Mark Sloniker on piano and Roger Barnhart on acoustic bass. Jay’s was recently closed for about a week for some spectacular remodeling, painting, carpeting, etc. so come check out the new digs!!

Saturday, April 19th, 7:30 pm – concert at Avogadro’s Number (“Avo’s”), 605 S. Mason St., Fort Collins, with Barbara Clark, Derf Green and Roger Barnhart. We will perform selections from Barbara’s new CD, “She Won’t Wait” as well as my CD, “Singing Into Being”, and other favorites. Tickets are $15 at the door.

Enjoy the spring weather (as soon as it returns! ). Happy Trails, Colleen

March 7, 2008

Hello again – I usually don’t send out another notice so soon, but I was in a bit of a time crunch last Saturday, so had to leave out a few things. I thought this would also be a good time to remind everyone about my upcoming show with Kathryn Mostow at Avo’s (605 S. Mason, F.C.) tomorrow night, Saturday, March 8th at 7:30 pm. We have a BUNCH of new songs for you, including several to go along with our “International Women’s Day” theme, and we are very excited to be doing another show together after our very successful one last fall! Hope you can join us! Admission is $10 at the door.

Saturday, March 15th, 8:30-11:30 pm – I’ll sing with Mark Sloniker on piano and Marty Rein on bass at Jay’s Bistro (135 W. Oak St., F.C.). Marty is back from a stint overseas and is familiar to many as the bass player in the Liz Barnez Band for many years. I’m very much looking forward to Marty’s talents to compliment my jazz repertoire.

Looking ahead, I will be back at Avo’s for a show with Barbara Clark, Derf Green, Roger Barnhart (and maybe others!) on April 19th at 7:30 pm. Barbara’s sell-out CD release concert at Bas Bleu Theatre in Dec. ’07 had fans begging for more, so we’re gonna give it to ‘em! We will also be doing many selections off my CD, “Singing Into Being”, and it will be a joy to have these other players joining me on those songs!

Something else to put “on the calendar” – Mark Sloniker and I will perform for the town of Niwot’s “Lobster Fest” on Saturday, June 28th. Our set will run from 5:00-6:30, with more fun music to follow. I’ll give you more details and directions as this event draws closer. Niwot is the coolest little town and I hear this festival is a blast!

You can always check my website for a schedule of events:

Oh, by the way - last Saturday’s performance with our jazz quintet and the symphony was fantastic!! Thanks for your support, Colleen

March 1, 2008

(Soon to be) Spring Greetings! Yes!! Can’t you just feel it in the air, and see it in the emerging flower bulbs and in the tiny green sprigs of grass poking their way through the mass of brown? This is indeed my favorite time of year – a time of transformation, of “greening up my world anew” (a phrase from a long-unfinished song that perhaps WILL give birth this spring!).

Today is an exciting day for me. About 6 months ago, Mark and I were asked to head up the musical portion of the “(give) 10 Grand Gala Celebration” for the Bohemian Foundation, an affair recognizing and honoring Larimer County’s “philanthropic champions” at an annual black tie dinner. It is an “encore performance” (of sorts) of a gig we did at New West Fest a couple of years ago, with our jazz quintet and the Fort Collins Symphony Orchestra. In this performance, we have added to our New West Fest repertoire, to include several of Mark’s original jazz compositions, as well as a couple of vocal jazz standards and a beautifully orchestrated arrangement of the themes from the movie “Cinema Paradiso”. Mark and his co-orchestrator, Terry Stanfill, have been working diligently over these many months, creating the orchestral arrangements and scores for all these pieces. Tonight’s the night when it all comes together! I can’t tell you how thrilling it is, as a singer, to be backed by a jazz quintet AND a symphony at the same time! I had a bit of a scare a week and a half ago when I came down with that dreadful flu that seems to be wreaking havoc amongst many of us. Yikes! It took me down for many days, but I am happy to report that I am well again and in full voice for tonight’s joyfully anticipated performance. Wish me luck!

Here’s a list of my next few public performances:

Sunday, March 2nd – join me and a host of other talented performers at the “No Glow” concert for C.A.R.D. (Coloradoans Against Resource Destruction) at Avo’s, 605 S. Mason St., Fort Collins. The event runs from 10 am-7 pm. The list of participating musicians includes: • Joe Kissell • Acoustic Truckers • Jerry Palmer • TVS and Two Fingers • The T-Band • The Trio of Kevin Jones, Pamela A. Robinson and J Woodward • The McDailey Trio (A Reunion Performance) • Lloyd Drust • The Bluegrass Patriots • Colleen Crosson • Marcus Noah • Steve Murray • Russ Hopkins (5 pm) • Shelley and the Shackles
For more information call Lloyd Drust at 970-222-2581 or Avo's at 970-439-5555.
Suggested donation is $10, with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the cause - to prevent uranium mining in our neighborhood!

Saturday, March 8th, 7:30 pm – “Dia de las Divas”, a Women’s Day Concert – Kathryn Mostow and I return to Avo’s for a concert coinciding with International Women’s Day! We will celebrate the power of women around the world by weaving in some cool “women songs” into our set lists that night. But if you’re a guy or a child, please come, too, as our music will please all audiences! There is a $10 cover at the door.

Oops! Gotta get movin’ and run to tonight’s gig! Thanks for all your support! Colleen

February 13, 2008

Heartfelt greetings on this Valentine’s eve! I know this “holiday” comes with it’s baggage for some folks, and I myself don’t buy into the commercialism so long associated with it; yet, it is still nice to think fondly about the ones we love, and to be grateful for all the relationships we’ve drawn into our lives along the way. I think each one has taught us something about ourselves and we are always wiser for it. Valentine’s Day happens to be an anniversary, of sorts, for my husband Mark and I, though we rarely have the opportunity to “celebrate” it, since we typically work (play) on that night, so that others may celebrate! For the past several years, we have at least played together on Valentine’s Day, so that’s been fun, but, alas, this year we’re at different establishments, so I will be crooning love songs across the miles to my sweetie tomorrow night…..

I will sing with Mark, along with bassist Gene Libbea at Jay’s Bistro, 135 W. Oak St., Fort Collins, on Saturday night, Feb. 16th, from 8:30-11:30 pm. Hope you can join us then – there’ll still be plenty of love and romantic songs to go around!

In other musical news, I am pleased to announce that KUNC (91.5 FM) is now playing cuts from my CD, “Singing Into Being” on a regular basis! Thanks to all who have enthusiastically let me know what songs they’ve been hearing - in person, by e-mail and with phone calls. It’s great to hear from you! KRFC (88.9 FM) is also a great supporter of my music, and I so appreciate my fans there at the station. You can call either radio station to request my songs, if you’d like. KUNC can be reached at 970.378.2589 and KRFC at 970.221.5065. The DJs always love to hear from their listening audience!

Other upcoming public performances of mine include:

Sat., Feb. 23rd, 5:30-7:30 pm – I’ll perform solo (guitar/vocals) at Cache la Poudre Elementary School in La Porte for their annual Family and Community Chili Supper and Benefit Silent Auction. Funny, I was never able to do this while my kids attended there, as I always had other music commitments on the same date. Now my kids are in jr. high and high school, and the date is available! I look forward to finally being able to serve the school on this fun night, and hope you can join us. There will be games and door prizes for the kids, and you can enter your favorite recipe in the chili cook-off. Call Wendy at 482-3568 for more info.

Sunday, March 2nd at Avogadro’s Number (aka Avo’s), 605 S. Mason St., Ft. Collins – I will participate in the NoGlow Concert for C.A.R.D. (Coloradoans Against Resource Destruction). These are the hard working folks spearheading the opposition against uranium mining in Northern Colorado. All proceeds from this concert will support their efforts to end this threat to our community! The event runs from 10 am-7 pm and feature some of the area’s finest musicians, including Jerry Palmer, the Bluegrass Patriots, the McDailey Trio, Russ Hopkins, Pamela Robinson, Kevin Jones, Jim Woodward, TVS and Two Fingers, Lloyd Drust…the list goes on and on and I’m sorry I can’t name them all! My set will be from 3:45-4:15 (approx.). There will also be brief presentations throughout the day on the proposed uranium mining and its inherent risks. The suggested donation for admission to this full day of music is only $10. Call Lloyd Drust at 970.222.2581 or visit for more info.

Sat., March 8th, Avo’s – concert with Kathryn Mostow, details TBA

Sat., April 19th , Avo’s – concert with Barbara Clark and Derf Green

Wed., July 30th – CSU Lagoon Concert with Swing Essence

Love and Light to you all, Colleen

January 24, 2008

Hi all - Just back from a (too) short, but very sweet visit with my folks on the Jersey Shore, and gearing up for my concert tomorrow night! Here are the details:

Friday, Jan. 25th, 8 pm at Avo’s, 605 S. Mason St., Fort Collins – Pamela Robinson, Kevin Jones, and I will have a hoot of a time trading and sharing songs in a “songwriters in the round” kind of night. Be prepared for silliness and frivolity, audience participation, and stirring renditions of some of your favorite songs. We know there are lots of musical choices out there on this particular night, and we hope a bunch of you will choose us! Admission is $10 at the door and the T-Band will play before us from 5:30 – 7:30 (free!) if you want to get there early and grab a choice seat. Avo’s has great food, too!

Coming up:

Mark Sloniker and I will facilitate our “Write With Your Heart” playshop from 10 am - 3 pm on Sat., Feb. 2nd at Unity of Fort Collins, 1401 W. Vine Dr. It’s a day of soulful, heartfelt music, meditation, journaling, art, visioning…really, whatever you want to make of it! It’s YOUR day to create in whatever way moves you, and we’re just there to set the mood and encourage you in a safe and inspiring environment! Pre-registration is suggested (forms are available at Unity, and $10 reserves your spot). Otherwise, it’s on a love offering basis, with net proceeds going to various Unity projects. Feel free to e-mail me for more detailed info.

Sat., Feb. 16th, Jay’s Bistro with Mark Sloniker and a bass player TBA!

Thanks for listenin’! Colleen

January 10, 2008

Hey Everybody! I so hope you all had wonderful holiday adventures. I am slowly (and gratefully) re-entering the world of teaching and gigging after many days off with my family – sweet bliss, lots of sleeping in, many movies, and friendly gatherings….Both worlds are equally delightful in their own unique ways….

Here’s what’s on the books for the coming weeks:

Saturday, Jan. 19th, 8:30-11:30 pm – I’ll croon at Jay’s Bistro, 135 W. Oak St., Ft. Collins, with Mark Sloniker on the ivories (well, I guess they’re plastic these days…no elephants were harmed in the making of this piano!) and Marty Kenney on bass. Boy, did we have a great time there on New Year’s Eve - thanks to all who celebrated with us!

Friday, Jan. 25th, 8 pm – Pamela Robinson, Kevin Jones, and I will share the bill for a fine, improvisational concert at Avogadro’s Number (aka Avo’s), 605 S. Mason St., Fort Collins. I have had the pleasure of making music with these two characters several times in the last few months, and they are a blast to create with! Those of you who attended Pamela’s and my concert at Avo’s last summer know how wonderfully spontaneous our sets can be! Please join us on this very special night. General admission is a mere $10 at the door, and the T-Band will also be on stage before us (5:30-7:30) for your listening pleasure!

February 2nd, 10 am-3 pm – Mark Sloniker and I will again present our “Write with Your Heart” playshop at Unity of Fort Collins – a day of music, meditation, art, and journaling to nurture our hearts and souls as we create 2008! Cost is on a love offering basis, with net proceeds benefiting our Unity Community. More details to follow….

On a side note (pun intended!), one of my dear musical buddies, Kathryn Mostow, has created a house concert series at Greyrock Commons Co-housing Community in northwest Fort Collins. The inaugural concert is this Sat. night at 7:30 pm with Justin Roth, an amazing guitar player and performing songwriter. I hosted Justin last year at one of our house concerts, and he will also be playing at Unity on Sunday morning following the Greyrock concert. I highly recommend seeing Justin in action! Suggested donation for the concert is $10-15. Because there is limited seating, Kathryn is asking folks to kindly RSVP or call 484-1544. Maybe I’ll see ya there!

Thanks for supporting live music! Best, Colleen

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